Activities in this area include preliminary and schematic design concepts, product development, specification and scope document, cost plans, programmes and liaison with local authorities or stake holders.

For existing sites we also conduct surveys, inspections, testing and reports.



Full designs and calculations are offered for each of the systems. These are available with basic builders work details for plinths and pump houses, electrical load schedules, interface schedules, ventilation requirements, cable and containment details, weights and drainage/civil requirements. As built drawings, calculations and manuals are also available.

All designs are produced by highly experienced and professional engineers trained in the specific applications. Sprinkler designs are undertaken by fully qualified ( i.e. FHC ) engineers.



We can also provide general project management to assist in the timely and cost effective delivery of projects. This could be more specific items such as support with ITP, risk assessments, surveys, programmes, commercial services, commissioning and handover documentation.